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Mar 22, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

Did you know...
the first tennis raquet was made of human flesh?
Before you go eeek let me explain. The first games of tennis were played by French monks in the 11th or 12th century and they used their hands to swat the ball.It was more like the game of handball, played first by hitting against a wall, then later over a crude net. Because hitting a ball with one's hand proved to be a little too uncomfortable after a while,the players began using gloves.Some sewed netting between the fingers of the gloves.

By the 14th century, players had begun using what we could legitimately call a racquets, with strings made of gut bound in a wooden frame. Tennis at this time was an indoor game.

In 1874, Major Walter C. Wingfield registered his patent in London for the equipment and rules of an outdoor lawn game that is generally considered the first version of what we call tennis today.

A racquet with a metal head existed as early as 1889, but it never saw widespread use. The wooden frame didn't undergo any real challenge until 1967, when Wilson Sporting Goods introduced the first popular metal racquet, the T2000.
The metal was stronger and lighter than wood so it became a top seller.
Now tennis racquets are custom made to fit your playing needs.

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