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Apr 6, 2008

Worlds First Newspaper

Did you know...
The first newspaper was printed and published over 400 years ago?
Not in America but in Germany.
The "Relation" a Strassburg, Germany newspaper was printed in 1605 by Johann Carolus. It has been recognized by the Association of Newspapers as being the worlds first published newspaper. But there were papers or daily handwritten news sheets, which were posted by the government in the Roman Forum from the year 59 B.C. to at least A.D. 222 and which were filled with news of such subjects as political happenings, trials, scandals, military campaigns and executions. First or not the news has been circulated around the globe for many years. In 1990 there were 1,611 daily newspapers which is 14% less than in 1940, before the TV was in wide use. The TV, internet and other electronic devices that deliver the news will be the death of all newspapers.

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