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May 19, 2008

The Disposable Cell Phone

Who said it's a mans world?
I have been asked to do some post about women inventors.
So I went in search of some women who actually have patents
on useful items. I was surprised to see just what these women
invented, and I bet it will be a surprise to you too.
So this week will be dedicated to these women and their inventions.

Did you know...
The Disposable Cell Phone was invented by Randice-Lisa "Randi" Altschul?
A woman who was known for her inventions of toys and games.
Randi thought up the invention after being tempted to toss her cell phone out of her car window in frustration over a bad connection. But she realized cell phones were too expensive to lose or throw away. After clearing the idea with her patent lawyer and making sure no one else had already invented a disposable cell phone, Randi Altschul together with engineer Lee Volte, patented both the disposable cell phone and the super thin technology needed for the Phone-Card-Phone and other intended products.

In November of 1999 Randice-Lisa "Randi" Altschul was issued a series of patents for the world's first disposable cell phone. Trademarked the Phone-Card-Phone®, the device is the thickness of three credit cards and made from recycled paper products.
Yeah, she was still thinking "green". This is a real cell phone (outgoing messages only) with 60 minutes of calling time and a hands free attachment. You can add more minutes or throw the device away after your calling time is used up. However, with the planned additional magnetic strip the cell phone would double as a credit card, swipeable for purchases with free airtime credits as a bonus. The retail price of the invention should average around twenty dollars, with a two or three dollar rebate for returning the phone instead of trashing it. These cell phones are now available around the world.

Don't let frustration over an item get to you just think of a way to improve it.

Tune in tomorrow to learn more about women inventors.
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Who or what do you want to read about?


Ria said...

See, disposable phones shouldn't be used. This makes it easier for serial killers to make phone calls to their victims, and then they'll throw the phone away, making it impossible to trace that call.

Shirley said...

As with any new item there is always some person who will use it to do wrong.

John said...

This is interesting stuff, the disposable cell phone. In my opinion, its good thing they discovered it.

Crooks, bad guy etc can always used a good thing and twisted them into bad thing.

Good article, shirley.

Btw, what are your username in myLot? Mine is hcpoirot.

Very informative blog here.