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Feb 18, 2009

$43,000 Dead Bird Shoes

Did you know...
You can wear dead animals on your shoes? But it will cost a bundle.

Would you like to strut around with some real dead animals on your feet? You can now if you can afford the price. Designer Bruno Frisoni for Roger Vivier not only thinks you do, but he's willing to bet that at least some of us are willing to pay through the nose for the privilege. The Dovima, as the shoe is named, is beautiful (and a little creepy) thanks to the rose pink-dyed taxidermy birds perched delicately on each toe. Each stuffed bird also has a crystal-encrusted head and is further complemented by 24 ct gold-coated mesh, silk, ribbons, and crocodile-skin rosettes. Plus every pair comes with special protective crocodile or snakeskin platforms that attach before you wear them to keep the shoes from ever touching the ground. All for just $43,000 and three months of waiting after you order. Will you need to get in line to purchase these shoes? At that price who knows? Some women will be fighting to be the first to wear these creepy shoes. Wonder if we can specify what bird we want on our shoes? What bird would you like perched on your toes?

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