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Apr 29, 2009

How to Stop Paying Credit Card Interest

Did you know...
There is a legal way to get out of paying that high interest on your credit cards.
And it is so simple to do.

Everyone who has a credit card gets more offers to apply for other cards almost daily.
It may be a good time to take the time to really check out these offers. Check each offer to see if they are offering a "NO INTEREST" for 12 to 16 months with a NO transfer fee. If you find one like that, then it's time to take advantage of this "no interest" offer. Just think how much you can pay down the principal when you have no interest to pay.

You may want to pay a little more during this no interest time to get that card paid off. But don't fret if you still owe more than a thousand at the end of the time allotted then it may be time to transfer that to a new "no interest" card. Before you do this check to see if the card you have is charging for this transfer. It may still be a good choice even if they do charge a fee, the highest I have found is around $50 to $75 but that would be less than what you would pay in interest on a thousand dollars in a year.

I have done this with 3 credit cards and it worked fine. I am now making money with my credit cards. Want to know how I am doing that, click here--> Credit Cards...How to Earn From Them

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