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Apr 22, 2009

Pet Hair

Did you know...

You can recycle your pets shedded fur? Yeah, I too thought this was a joke
when I first heard about it, but people are doing it. Some find it disgusting,
nasty or just plain crazy. But stop and think about it we wear all kind of fur
from animals, and from some even their skin...I'm thinking, Leather!
So why not wear fur from our pets?
Those long haired dogs and cats shed a lot of fur that could be made into warm blankets or throws or muffs, even hats.
Here are a few sites that you can visit to learn more about spinning your pet's
fur so you can make whatever item you want. Oh, I almost forgot to mention this,
The fur from a dog or cat is warmer than wool from a sheep.





If you want to see how your pets fur is spinned into fiber just take a look at Martha Stewarts blog

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