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Jun 18, 2009

Money, Worth or Worthless

Did you know...
The money we use today isn't worth the paper it is printed on?
Look at a dollar bill and you will see it is no longer backed by silver or gold.
It says it is a "Federal Reserve Note." Whereas a real dollar is backed by silver, says so right there on the bill. Now we all know that the Federal Reserve Banks are a privately owned bank and has nothing to do with our government, with the exception of being the bank our government borrows money from which has to be paid back with interest, to run this country. When and how did they take over the printing of money with no backing? So this small oversight has made our money worthless. In order for this piece of paper to be of any worth it has to be backed by silver or gold or some precious metal. This is another way the rich owners of the Federal Reserve Banks are taking over our country. When will "we the people" get the courage to stand up to them and their thieving ways? If we do nothing they will soon own the world and we will all be slaves to them. But when you think about it we are already their slaves,(taxes) Through the illegal IRS which is another branch that is NOT a part of government. They have already reached other countries that are not part of the United States. How far will they go to take control of the world? We need a president who will fight the federal reserve banks and take back what is rightfully ours. Money printed with a backing of silver or gold so it can be worth what denomination is printed on it.

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