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May 21, 2012

Largest Piece of Hail

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the largest piece of hail(hailstone) ever recorded fell in Coffeyville, Kansas on September 3, 1979. It was 17.5 inches in diameter - that's several inches larger than a basketball!
And the weight was reported to be 1.67 pounds. The deadliest hailstorm on record occurred April 30, 1888 in India where 246 people perished! In the Sichuqan Province of China in 1986 over one hundred people were killed in a hailstorm. Some of the individual hailstones weighed over two pounds. Cross sections of hailstones often reveal layers, much like those of an onion. These layers are caused by the different rates of accumulation and freezing of supercooled water, as the hailstone forms.
Hail is responsible for more crop damage than rain, tornadoes or hurricanes.

Feb 2, 2012

Greatest Snowfall in One Day

Did you know....
In Silver Lake, Colorado on April 14,1921 this town received the greatest amount of snowfall in 24 hours than any other place in the US It measured up to 75.8 inches. That's almost 7 feet of snow, and we have trouble with a few inches....Another impressive record of 63 inches was registered in Georgetown, Colorado on December 4, 1913. How would you like to shovel those driveways??

Jan 31, 2012

Football "huddle"

Did you know the "huddle" in football began in 1894 when a deaf football player,Paul Hubbard, the quarterback player at Gallaudet University, using sign language, had his team group around him to prevent the opposition from seeing his signals.

Ken Griffey Jr.

Did you know the only father and son to hit back-to-back home runs in a major league baseball game were Ken Griffey Jr., and his father Ken Griffey Sr.?
In 1990 and 1991, Griffey Jr and his father became the first son and father to play on the same team at the same time. In his father's first game as a Mariner, on August 31, 1990, the pair hit back-to-back singles in the first inning and both scored. On September 14, the pair hit back-to-back home runs in the top of the first off California Angels pitcher Kirk McCaskill, becoming the first father-son duo to hit back-to-back home runs. The duo played a total of 51 games together before Griffey, Sr., retired in June 1991.