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Feb 14, 2008

First Harley-Davidsom Motorcycle

The First Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Did you know...
That the motorcycle was invented before the car?
IN 1903 William S. Harley, age 21, and Arthur Davidson, age 22, joined forces to make available to the public the first production of the Harley-Davidson® motorcycle? The bike was built to be a racer. The factory in which they worked was a 10 x 15-foot wooden shed with the words "Harley-Davidson Motor Company" crudely scrawled on the door. BUT this was not the first American motorcycle. In 1867, Sylvester Howard Roper invented a two-cylinder, steam-engine motorcycle that was powered by coal. This is considered the first motorcycle. He also invented a steam engine car. Then in 1885, Nicholaus August Otto who invented the first gas-engine attached the engine to a wooden bike and it was the first gas powered motorcycle.

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