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Apr 11, 2008

Perk-Up Scents

Did you know...
Different scents can help you perk-up?

Peppermint: People who do tasks like typing and filing can do it faster and more accurately after sniffing peppermint oil. So theres a good reason to pop that peppermint candy in your mouth while at work.

Jasmine: Can stimulate the brain waves that amp up alertness. Drinking a cup of hot jasmine tea could help you remember what you need to be doing..

Cinnamon: Inhaling this spice can improve your mood, vigor and concentration. Put a little sprinkle on your tissue and place it in your desk drawer. Every time you open the drawer you'll get a little boost.

Coffee: This may be why so many people have a cup of coffee just sitting there. The smell can boost your energy. Don't drink coffee? A small dish of coffee beans works just as well.

Lemon: This clean scent effects the brain as a mood enhancer and a source of stamina.
Squeeze a little into your next glass of water, while standing around the water cooler.

Healthy Benefits

# According to research, essential oils of ginger, spearmint, and sweet fennel may alleviate chemotherapy-induced nausea.
# Because of how our olfactory receptors work, scents can elicit responses in our moods and emotions. Vanilla is the scent of romance and can boost your sex life.


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Anonymous said...

I'll have to remember the vanilla lol. Thanks for sharing.