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May 10, 2008

Credit Cards.... Earn from them !

Did you know...
You can earn money when using your credit card? Well you can if it has a cash back like the Discover card, or any other credit card that gives a cash back reward when you make a purchase with it. First it's best to start with a new card that has no charges on it, then use it to make the same purchases that you intended to pay cash for. Now don't go and spend this cash but put it in your bank account or in a safe place so it will be available for use in 28 days. This money will be used to pay your Credit Card in full each month. No interest and no bad credit. It will actually make your credit better.
With the cost of gas and food this cash back reward will build up over a period of time. It's like getting free money to do your Christmas shopping. Why not put your credit card to work for you? It's so simple to do and you can bet the money sure will come in handy.

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