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Jul 7, 2009

Gas Icon on Dashboard

Did You Know...
Contrary to what I have been told, and after days of reasearch I have found that the little icon of a fuel pump located on our vehicles dashboard does NOT always tell us which side of the car we pump gas into our fuel tank. Even though some of these icons are correct we can not depend on this icon to always be correct. On some older cars the fuel tank inlet is located under the tag at the rear of the vehicle, but the icon has it on the right. In some vehicles the icon has it on the right but the intake is located on the left. So you can never depend on this when pulling into place to pump your gas. To save being embarrased when pulling up to a pump to get gas check where the intake is before you drive the vehicle.

1 comment:

BaTaBeeT said...

well mine doesn't tell !

its on the right and my tank's on the left.. I never knew that was a theory

nice blog :)