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Nov 15, 2009

What is in Your Bible?

Did you know...

* Jesus said no one has gone to heaven except Himself
* "Christmas" is not mentioned in the Bible
* "Three Wise Men" appear nowhere in the Bible, and none are ever mentioned visiting baby Jesus in a Bethlehem manger
* The Bible doesn't say Jesus died on a Friday, or rose from the grave Sunday morning
* There were not just two of every kind of animal aboard Noah's Ark
* The word "Easter" has vanished from today's Bibles
* The practice of decking a tree with silver and gold is actually condemned by God
* God wanted to kill Moses
* Animals had meaningful discussions with people
* The Bible calls the devil "god"

Did you know?

* Moses did not write the Ten Commandments
* Jesus did not come to make everyone understand His message
* A "live forever" diet is mentioned
* The Bible does not say Eve bit into an apple
* Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not Jews
* Jesus had a group of "other" apostles in addition to the famous 12
* Jesus made personal appearances on Earth in the OLD Testament
* Women's breasts are celebrated in the Bible
* Nagging wives are mentioned
* God ordered many of his own people to get divorced
* God mandated the slayings of thousands of men, women and children
* There's a person who didn't eat or drink anything for 80 days
* God ran lotteries
* A giant, outdoor night-light blazed every night for 40 years
* Jesus wasn't the only guy to walk on water
* Someone tried to buy the Holy Spirit
* There are magic tricks in Scripture

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Donald Swarbrick said...

Well done, I wonder if you read unfeatheredangels from the beginning, as I put a lot of myths about the bible to the test, and have plenty theories that will make you really think more about the subjects we have been brainwashed into believing, about life its self.

Cheap Soma said...

Are these true? Have to read closely from now on..