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Feb 12, 2010

Come Join The Celebration

Did You Know...
It is possible to get over ONE MILLION visits to your BLOG!
Don't think so??? Well Tina at TUTU TINA has done just that!
Break out the champagne....Put on your party hat and go to TUTU TINA's to help her celebrate this event.
For a big thank you to all her visitors Tina is giving away
(Drum roll please!...) MONEY and ADVERTISING on her blog.
Why is her blog so interesting? She is always helping others make their blog better.
She has so much to offer I can't begin to list them here.
What I like most is she makes it simple and fun.
While there you may want to sign up for a prize....

Here's how to enter:
All you need to do is blog about this giveaway on your blog, then leave a comment with your blog link at TUTU TINA to let her know where it is. That's all! Easy enough HUH???

1st prize - $15.00 and 3 months of free advertising!
2nd prize- $10.00 and 2 months of free advertising!
3rd prize- $5.00 and 1 month of free advertising!

Advertisements are in a special top spot and the winners will receive their prize money into their Paypal account.

Draw Dates:
Feb 12: 3rd prize
Feb 19: 2nd prize
Feb 26: 1st prize

Just click TUTU TINA to see her blog.

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